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Kate Hill: Confit

Episode Summary

Kate Hill (Instagram@katedecomont) is a cook, teacher, writer, tour guide, and author. In this first podcast with Kate, we cover the process of making confit. Next podcast with Kate she joins us to take that confit and use it to make cassoulet. Confit has been elevated to a fancy-hard to-pronounce highly-desired food served in French restaurants. The ironic thing is that Confit––the process––was developed centuries before refrigeration as a way to survive the winter. Nothing fancy about that, just farmers trying to survive.

Episode Notes

Kate Hill wrote the book called Cassoulet, a French Obsession which is part recipe book, part history book, part charcuterie advice, part orientation to the southwest of France where Kate can drive to Bordeaux for delicious wine and to Armagnac for the premium regional spirit.  She breaks down the assembly of cassoulet and how to make confit. Her advice about confit stems from her first-hand experience of the ancient art of curing protein in salt, slow cooking in fat, and storage in fat.

Kate uses a simple weight ratio of 3% salt  added to whatever protein to be confit'd. That meat sits in the fridge overnight, is rinsed well, dried, covered in fat, and simmered until fork-tender. The classic confit was stored in an earthenware crock and kept in the back of a cool barn for 1-2 years. Safely.

You can find more detailed information about Confit in Michael Ruhlman and Brian Polcyn's book entitled Charcuterie, where Michael talks about what he learned from Kate while visiting her in France. 

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I appreciate her helping us Elevate Your Game.  


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